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CougarCopies - Additional Services


CougarCopies has laminating services at our Compton Union Building location. Our rolls of laminate are 25 inches wide and 250 feet long, with a thickness of three mil. We charge $2.50 per linear foot with a minimum charge of one foot ($2.50). We can laminate your job while you wait, you can pick it up at a later time, or we can deliver it to your department on campus.

Stapling & 3-Hole Punching

Add that professional look to your documents by having CougarCopies do the finishing work! Save yourself or your department time and money by allowing us to do the necessary folding, stapling, 3-hole drilling, collating, cutting, or binding to take your project from start to finish the way you want it!

CougarCopies can staple your materials in a variety of ways, depending on what your needs are. Just let us know if you prefer to have your documents stapled in the upper left or right corner, down the left side, or saddle-stapled for booklets. We can staple together a maximum of 100 sheets of standard 20# paper. When saddle-stapling booklets, there is a maximum of 20 sheets of standard 20# paper. Stapling is $.03 per staple.

If you need your finished document 3-hole punched, CougarCopies saves you time with our in-line drilling accessory. We can also drill any of our specialty or color papers to fit your exact specifications. Just let us know what you need, and we'll do the rest!


CougarCopies has various types of binding styles and colors available to enhance your finished document. We have comb, coil and tape bindings available in black, white, gray, and maroon. Additional binding colors can be special ordered. With our extensive selection of cover stocks, you can create a more personalized look to your finished bound document. For example, choose our Gray 80# Cover stock for your cover, with a maroon binding, and you have a finished document with the look of a devoted Cougar fan!


If your job requires collating, or inserting pages into another document, give us the job and save yourself the hassle! Our machines can copy onto as many as four different paper types at one time, then collate them together in one piece. Or, if needed, our trained staff can take your material and collate, staple, and fold your documents, as you need them. Let us create more time for you, and the more important things you would rather be doing!


Located at Cooper Publications and at the CUB, our digital copiers/printers have an in-line folder for simple half-folds. There are other folding styles available off line including z-fold, letter fold, and double-parallel fold. If you are unsure, just give us a call at 335-3559 and we will help you determine which to select.


If you need your documents cut in half, or cut to a specific size, let us know what you have in mind. Large jobs are cut to exact specifications on a precision machine, so the cut is accurate and clean.

Fax Service

CougarCopies, on the ground floor of the Compton Union Building, has a fax service during open business hours. If you are expecting a fax, give us a call or stop by. We will take your name and phone number and call you when your fax arrives! We have a cover sheet that you  may use free of charge.*

Compton Union Building
Fax: 509-335-4079

Our prices are as follows:
To send within the U.S.
1st page: $2.00
Additional pages: $1.25 per page

1st page: $2.50
Additional pages: $1.75 per page
+ Long Distance Call Charge
(Long Distance Call = Number of minutes x the rate charged per minute to the country you are calling)

*Note: There will be no charge for a cover sheet sent as long as you send additional pages. If you wish to send only a cover sheet, the charges listed above will apply.

To receive
Each page, including any cover sheet sent: $ .75 per page

Please have your name and a local phone number on received faxes so we can contact you.

If you have any questions about this service, or would like to let us know about an incoming fax, please give us a call at 335-1647.

Reduction and Enlargement 

If you need something enlarged or reduced, bring it to CougarCopies and let us get it to the size you need. Our digital printers/copiers at all of our locations are capable of enlarging or reducing, from 25% (which is one quarter the size of your original) up to 400% (or four times the size of your original). This is a handy feature when enlarging graphs or charts, or reducing a larger document to fit into a limited space. We can do color and black & white enlargements and reductions while you wait, at our Compton Union Building location. The largest size we can enlarge to or reduce from is 11" x 17".

Photo and Halftone Settings, Automatic Page Numbering

Our equipment has photo and halftone settings to enhance your photos and charts. Page numbers can be added automatically to your document by specifying the location, orientation, font size, and which page to start on.

Booklet Maker

Need a brochure made for an upcoming conference? Or maybe you are putting together material to be put into a newsletter that will need to be printed/copied, folded, and stapled, then go in the mail tomorrow. Let CougarCopies help you! Our equipment has a special Booklet Maker feature, allowing us to create high-quality booklets, pamphlets, brochures, and newsletters from start to finish.

Send us your originals in the desired finished booklet size and our digital printers/copiers will set them up automatically in booklet form: printed/copied, collated, folded, and stapled. Available in finished sizes of 5½ x 8½" (8½ x 11" folded in half), 7 x 8½" (8½ x 14" folded in half), and 8½ x 11" (11 x 17" folded in half). Please note that a color preprinted cover can be added to your printed/copied material. We can also have it number your pages for you.

Call 335-3559 for more information about our Booklet Maker, and find out how simple it is to make your own booklets!

Compton Union Building, Room 80, 335-1647
Cooper Publications, Room 40, 335-3559

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